communicating and creativity

Together with creating fabric and paper objects, I have been wanting to blog. . . and I have been reading Pema Chödrön lately.  So when I got to “80, Communicating from the Heart,” from Comfortable with Uncertainty, something clicked and I knew it was time.

All activities should be done with the intention of communicating. This is a practical suggestion: all activities should be done with the intention of speaking so that another person can hear you, rather then using words that cause the barriers to go up and the ears to close. In this process we also learn how to listen and how to look. You can practice making your actions, your speech, and your thoughts inseparable from this yearning to communicate from the heart. Everything you say can further polarize the situation and convince you of how separate you are. On the other hand, everything you say and do and think can support your desire to communicate, to move closer and step out of this myth of isolation and separateness that we’re all caught in.

(Paragraph 2, pp. 155-156.)

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