spaciousness, part one

I was talking with Victoria yesterday, and, as always, she set me on a course to reconnect with myself. This time, we began to explore the idea of spaciousness.

This path to spaciousness-exploration all started with me thinking about taking a long summer vacation. It is supposed to conjure up images of long sandy beaches and cool northern lakes, berry-picking, and evenings in a lounge chair with a cool drink. But no. I’m panicking. How am I supposed to do all of those “summer vacation” things while I still have to clean and pack to move and decide on more things for our new house and and and?

hmm. Spaciousness.

What would it be like if I tried to have unscheduled time? Or, how can I use a schedule to give myself the quality of spaciousness? Does spaciousness require its physical manifestation? (That is, do I have to clean up & pack first?)

I’ll give it some thought. In the meantime, let this be a placemarker. A nugget of a germ of a seed of an idea.

Spaciousness. An idea to sit with. And an image from one of my favourite, and spacious-making, places.

Summer2006 Dry Island Buffalo Jump

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