about 100 percent wool felt

I have been working some fantastic felt, and wanted to collect more information about the qualities of wool felt in general. Wool felt has been used industrially for ages, and wool felt blends and synthetic felts such as recycled pop-bottle fabric are often used for crafts. “Design felt,” like what I am using for pillows, seems to fall somewhere in between. It is often dyed, like craft felt, but is much stronger and durable, like industrial felt.

Wool felt is sustainable and renewable, naturally moisture-resistant, flame retardant and self-extinguishing. Wool felt is natural and environmentally friendly. Wool is being used as compost. . . which makes me wonder how long it would take one of my wool bear pillows to decompose in the backyard compost heap!

Basically, felt is a mat of fibres compacted through the use of heat, moisture, and pressure. Fabrics.net has more information about other types of wool, and the properties of it. The BBC has a page on fabric properties, including felt. Filzfelt has information on their etsy policies page and their company info page.

Apartment Therapy always has something good. . . and this time it’s sourcing for thicker varieties of felt, a how-to for felt sliding doors, and a feature on filzfelt.

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