first fair

yay! I did my first hall fair on Friday!

first craft fair table--my half!

I was so-o-o-o happy to share a table with my friend Cindy from bucklicious. Cindy and I go way back. Back to awkward high school parties, band trips, and first cars. She brought her eight year old daughter with her (who I hadn’t seen in an embarrassingly long time), and we got along like a house on fire! I adore that girl! And she adores me! Anyway, back to the sale. . . . I’m kind of mixed on the results. Lots of people looked at my sewn cards. People who stopped, mostly women about thirty to sixty(-ish!) years old, loved the felt bear pillows. The bright market totes stopped young women.

market totes on coat rack

And I sold one clutch purse. That’s all: one clutch! I’m happy about the sale. Ecstatic, actually! It went to a really good home! And I got one custom order, for a market tote, but in subtler colours and for a diaper bag.

Happy about my presence.
Not so happy about one sale.
But what was wrong?

Cindy thinks that I’m in the wrong crowd. She may be right! Price-wise, I seemed to be okay. I didn’t, however, have anything in the ten-to-twenty-dollar range. Aha! I wonder if that’s part of it. So close to Christmas. . . people are looking for gifts for their cousin or co-worker or niece, and need something more than a card and less than a decorator pillow.

I’ll file it under “good to know.”

Back to pre-sale and set-up. It was really fun! I was so excited to get everything ready, and think about my display, and set it up. I was a bit nervous, but mostly, it was fun!
All in all, it was a good time.

bear pillows in a row

clutch purses with hang tags

box of cards and clutch stand

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4 Responses to first fair

  1. Sarah says:

    LOVE!! Everything looks soooooo good! Way to go.

    One small suggestion. The felt bears look so much bigger than I expected. Even though you say the size on your etsy listing, visually I was surprised how big they were. Next time you take photos you’ll need one to show it in context. Can’t wait to see one in real life.

    • winterwoman says:

      Thank you, Sarah!!! It was fun.
      Thanks, too, for your suggestion! I love suggestions! Let me ask: on the etsy site, I have one on the couch in front of the books (but it must not be obvious). For context, were you thinking about having a person in the shot?

  2. belknits says:

    YAY for you!!! It’s good to get feedback, isn’t it? I had some good ideas after my show, too.

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