first sale

I made my first non-friend, non-family, non-pick-up-because-I-know-you sale on etsy! Yay!!!

It is the second snowmobile clutch. The first was my first fair-sale last week, and looked like this.

snowmobile clutch

I made them both at a screen printing yudu party over at the print pattern house earlier in the fall. So much fun!

Even though I grew up snowmobiling, the snowmobile crossing sign image cracks me up. We really do have a snowmobile crossing through town. I think it was an agreement between town council and the local snowmobile club after snowmobilers were kind of making their own way through town, from the river to the parts store to the gas station, any way that worked. Chaos! Now there is a set path, which isn’t to say that single machines don’t drive up our street or alley occasionally. . . .


kids, dog, snow hill

Anyway, I grew up snowmobiling, and gave it up when I moved to cities and realized that consuming fossil fuels for fun just wasn’t fun anymore. Plus, I like skiing, snowshoe-ing, and tobogganing.

Okay, back to my first sale! Yay! first sale!

first sale!

I wrapped it in kraft tissue, tied with ribbon, thank you card inserted.
I also included a skiing card and some pop rocks and mini smarties and caramilk bars. Do you think that my buyer will know that she was my first? I hope she likes it!


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