feel good cards and guillotine

Two new things! I love them both, and they are so good together!

feel good cards

1. feel good cards, from up up creative.
As Julie puts it on the etsy page: “In case of mood emergency, print these.” These are lovely little cards with inspiring and instructive reminders, like “take a nap,” “learn a new word,” and “cook a hot breakfast. and eat it while it’s still hot.” It’s love.

guillotine in action

2. a guillotine paper cutter.
Ever since the days where every grade school class in the province had one of these, temptingly left out to taunt little fingers and limbs (I feel fortunate to have all ten fingers to type with. . . ), I have wanted one for my very own. So, one day at work, when what to my lucky eyes did appear but a giant sign on the mailroom guillotine “discard. no longer sharp,” I believed I did find heaven. Of course, I didn’t scoop it right away. . . I ever so gingerly asked the procurement person that it was destined for, “what happens to things like this?” His blunt answer: “I leave them on a table out back, and it’s first come, first served.” Me. “Hm. So if it made its way into my home somehow, no one would really notice?” Procurement dude: “Tell them you talked to me.” Eeep–yay!!!

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2 Responses to feel good cards and guillotine

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Visiting via Victoria on Twitter 🙂

    I love those paper cutters! They made the most satisfying “thomp”. Actually, it’s probably best I don’t have one; I suspect I would get a bit carried away.

    • Lori-Ann says:

      hi Elizabeth! Yes, the “thwomp” is satisfying. I hadn’t been able to say hi till now because of, well, never mind. . . . [peering out of piles of confetti-like ribbons of paper. . . .]

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