positive shifts this week

bottles in the garden, day ten (? or so) of snow

Here are a few places that had me saying “oh yeah!” this week.

First, twitter. I finally joined. . . and against all things I knew to be true, I kind of really like it!

Pretty soon thereafter, I came across the scoutiegirl post on using twitter effectively. Timely and, well, yes!

And found this breathtaking short film–a video montage of people on the pier at Santa Monica–again, through my new best friend twitter.

Learning to set aside the how with smarty-pants Victoria. Seriously. This is good stuff.

Thinking about place and space with Tara.

A fun and energy-filled videochat with Danielle LaPorte with Kris Carr, all about the book Crazy Sexy Diet (ordered!).

How is it that I have only found Bridget Pilloud just now? Smart.

My friend Sarah has opened up freestanding and etsy CHILDish shops, offering personalized melamine dishes to help your organization raise funds. (A secret: you can order just one for yourself, if you like!) They are so-o-o-o cute!

And, in a top secret moment of my off-screen life, I got to sit in on a videoconference with Joseph Boyden, where he read from his upcoming, as-yet-untitled, new book! Glee!

Yes, it has been a good week!

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One Response to positive shifts this week

  1. Tara says:

    Oh! Thanks so much for including me! It’s delightful to amongst so many smarties + friends!

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