group energy

I paused for a moment on twitter this week, when @meganmonique asked the crowd about a-ha moments. Her question made me think, “Have I had an a-ha moment today?”

I realized that I can make a difference to the energy of a group. That my energy can affect the group’s as much as anyone else’s. That I can boost the energy-math equation, positively.

This is a huge a-ha for me.

There was a critical point in my recovery from a deep depressive episode where I realized that other people might also need something from me or the group. That I could ask them how they were doing, and offer them some energy and compassion. I can write this now with a smile, but at the time, it was a monumental shift. I now know that “normal” encompasses a range of energy levels.

By attending to my energy, I can strengthen it and share.

Since my low days, I have been reading Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, and trying to attend to my energy health–for my own goodness. I have been doing her five-minute energy routine off and on over the past few years, but regularly in the past few weeks. I have noticed that I’m able to take on more, but what I saw this week is that my reach is farther than I could have known.

There is a lot of not-so-positive energy at my workplace right now. I can’t change what people are saying and doing. By consciously feeling my own positivity, however, and then being it in a group, I can feel some negativity shift.

Like that cute British actor dancing in the love movie, expressions of good energy can be quite private. But when shared–when we really focus on it–our good energy can come back us in the form of a shift in the group’s energy.

I am still learning. In beginner’s mind. My intention is to observe, to notice, and to take a certain care of group energy.

Comments: what have you done to shift the energy of a group? How do you maintain your own energies when things get rough?

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One Response to group energy

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Huh. I don’t know that I have! And then again, I feel like I must have, especially in cubicle-land. I want to practice and notice now.

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