gentle reminders

south bridge

We’re starting to move away from that time of the year again. It’s that time when everything is beautifully green and needing weeding and trimming and mowing and admiring and the lakes are beautiful, and really, shouldn’t we be out sitting on the deck with a cool drink?

At 54 degrees latitude, we really only have six or so hours of darkness. I can’t sleep. I feel the pressure to do everything. And it’s not even berry season yet! (When I will really feel the pressure to do everything.) This summer-math has landed me in that place of needing to manage depression, of trying to keep my head above water.

Today, though, I have received some gentle reminders on finding balance. Kylie wrote a guideline for herself when feeling depressed, and it hit incredibly close to home for me. She offers so much gentle guidance there, and reminded me to do the same for myself.

Tiny Buddha posted fifty-one things that will make you smile. I smiled just thinking about trying them.

And I have reminded myself: find your routines. Eat well. Go easy. Sit. And get on the trails.

Comments? How do you find balance? Can you point us to other gentle reminders? And my own gentle reminder: let’s be kind with one another.

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