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gentle reminders

We’re starting to move away from that time of the year again. It’s that time when everything is beautifully green and needing weeding and trimming and mowing and admiring and the lakes are beautiful, and really, shouldn’t we be out … Continue reading

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two weeks of really good stuff

Victoria’s No-Brainer Scenario ebook. The package includes Victoria’s five-minute audio file walking you through a getting grounded process–the place to start in decision-making. Good stuff. I need to spend more time with this. Michael Nobbs interviewing Lisa Baldwin, where they … Continue reading

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positive shifts this week

Here are a few places that had me saying “oh yeah!” this week. First, twitter. I finally joined. . . and against all things I knew to be true, I kind of really like it! Pretty soon thereafter, I came … Continue reading

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feel good cards and guillotine

Two new things! I love them both, and they are so good together! 1. feel good cards, from up up creative. As Julie puts it on the etsy page: “In case of mood emergency, print these.” These are lovely little … Continue reading

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new love, twice today

I am lucky. There is long-time love in my life. No doubts there. But every now and then, there’s something in a look, maybe a pleat of movement, that catches my eye and it starts to wander. Today, it started … Continue reading

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generations of viewmaster

We encourage our guests see the world the way we like it.

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They say that there are two types of fear: one that keeps us alive, and one that keeps us from living. So which one keeps us from going sky diving? Image by dollie_mixtures via flickr, used under creative commons licensing.

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